Ward's® Chemistry Molecular Lattice Models

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Ward's® Chemistry Molecular Lattice Models
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Hands-On Manipulation with Colorful Models.

  • Hands-on learning tool
  • Three different kit types available
Offer hands-on manipulation of crystal structures with these colorful models. Students quickly learn about atoms and molecular structure through building each lattice model.
The NaCl model allows students to construct a sodium chloride lattice, representing a cubical system. The molded plastic atoms in this set are color-coded and contain six bonding sites. Fifty five bonds are also included.
The diamond model consists exclusively of tetrahedral carbons. The carbon atom components have four bonding sites and 60 bond components are included.
The graphite model allows students to construct the three successive layers of 32 atoms that make up a carbon graphite structure. Thirty nine carbon atoms with five bonding sites each are included, along with 61 long and short connectors.