Fundamentals of Physics Pendulum Kit

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470016-330EA 83.5 CAD
Fundamentals of Physics Pendulum Kit
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Physics Fundamentals Learning Activities
This Pendulum kit is an excellent model for investigating energy.

  • Large-Scale Protractor
  • Easy-To-Change Masses Included
  • Teacher's Manual Included
  • Adjustable String Length
  • Students Learn How Different Factors Affect a Pendulum's Period
Users can adjust string length and the mass of the pendulum. A large protractor makes angle measurements easy to read, and the photogate system can be attached at the bottom of the swing arc to record the period.

Students can investigate how the angle of release, mass, and string length affect the period of a pendulum.

Ordering information: This kit includes a protractor backboard, string, pendulum, mounting screw, and activity guide. The Fun Stand and Photogate System are required but not provided.

Caution: Caution:Small parts can cause a choking hazard. This product is not for children under three years.




Item # Description Dimensions Unit Availability Price Quantity
470014-796 FUNdamentals of Physics Fun Stand
413/4 x 1 x 1" Each Retrieving
470014-466 Fundamentals of Physics Photogate System, 16 x 10 x 6 cm, 0.5 Kg (1.1 lbs.)
- Each Retrieving