Digital pH Meter Kit with RS-232 Output

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470019-736EA 252.6 CAD
Digital pH Meter Kit with RS-232 Output
Electrochemical Meters pH and Multi-Parameter Meters
Lightweight, Versatile Unit

  • Measures multiple conditions
  • Durable Housing
  • Easy to Read
The digital display of this pH meter makes readings easy to view and record. Device features automatic temperature compensation, minimum/maximum value recall, and data hold capabilities. Pocket-sized for portability into the field, the waterproof unit is designed to float if dropped into water. Includes soaking solution, pH 4 and 7 buffer solutions, four AAA batteries, and a carrying case. pH range: -2 to 16. ORP range: -1000 to 1000. Temperature range: 32° to 194°F (0° to 90°C). Size: 7.7"L x 1.6"W x 1.4"H. Weight: 4.8 oz.

pH Range: 0 - 14. Resolution: 0.01pH. Accuracy: ±0.01pH.
ORP Range: -1000 to +1000mV. Resolution: 1mV. Accuracy: 2mV.
Temperature Range: 32 - 194°F; 0 - 90° C. Resolution: 0.1°F/°C. Accuracy: 0.4°F/0.2°C.