ID Tents with Cut-Out Scale

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470020-128KT 258.85 CAD
ID Tents with Cut-Out Scale
Educational Materials Forensics Educational Materials Forensics Supplies
Simultaneously Mark and Measure Evidence for Photography

  • Built-in Scales
  • Reusable
Versatile and valuable, these ID tents will save time and effort in collecting field evidence. Each tent has three surfaces; two vertical surfaces with A to Z markers, and a third horizontal surface with a 1 3/4" square cut-out, featuring a metric scale and photo cross-hairs. The design allows for multiple photo angles — whether perpendicular, wall photos, or depth measurement of holes and crevices. Each durable tent is stackable for convenient storage and contains holes for mounting to walls or holding flag markers. Size: 3" x 3". Set of 26.

Note: This product is available to US customers only.