Fish Farm

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Fish Farm
Specimens Live Specimens Aquaria - Living Material
Raise Large Fish With A Low-Maintenance System

  • Easy To Clean
  • Large 400 Gallon Capacity For Husbandry
  • Virtually Leak-proof
It’s simple to set up, simple to maintain, and simple for a novice to be successful in rearing 100 lbs. of fish to adult size. Made entirely of professional quality, aquaculture-duty components, the entire system fits in a 6' x 8' area, can fit through a 35" door, and only uses 60 watts of power. Maintenance takes less than ten minutes per day and requires only two 5-gallon pails of water to be emptied and replaced. It is also extremely safe because it is virtually leak-proof, there is no electricity running through the water, and all electrical components are UL-approved. The polyethylene tank features a 9 3/4" x 21 3/4" viewing window and comes with a silent oil-less air pump, state-of-the-art clarifier, biological filter, and an operational manual and video with comprehensive instruction and maintenance procedures.