Ward's® Analyzing DNA With Restriction Enzymes Lab Activity

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Ward's® Analyzing DNA With Restriction Enzymes Lab Activity
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Introduce DNA Forensics and Population Genetics

  • Developed with Brookhaven National Labs
  • Four key molecular techniques
  • Time Required: 120 minutes over 2 days
Using DNA from their own cheek cells, students learn a simple method that enables genomic biologists to analyze human DNA in this lab developed in partnership with Brookhaven National Laboratories. After extracting the DNA, a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is performed to amplify a section of the mitochondrial genome that can vary between individuals. The restriction enzyme DdeI is then used to perform a restriction analysis of the DNA. Because the number of DdeI recognition sites may be different for each student, agarose gel electrophoresis is then implemented to detect the different digest patterns or haplotypes found in the class.

Brookhaven National Laboratories has partnered with Ward's Natural Science to bring the most current advancements in biotechnology and environmental science research into your classroom. The Nobel Prize winning science of Brookhaven National Laboratories and 150+ years of Ward's expertise in education create a powerful combination of innovation and technology. Each lab activity developed at Brookhaven National Laboratories allows your students to participate in the investigation of new scientific discoveries. Using professional techniques and cutting-edge technology, each lab will provide your students with valuable training in biotechnology or environmental science.

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