Ward's® Environmental Science Probeware Module

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Ward's® Environmental Science Probeware Module
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Announcing Hands-on Activities for Biology from Three Top Names in Science Education
Vernier Software & Technology, Texas Instruments, and WARD'S Natural Science have joined forces to bring technology into your science curriculum. This new line will provide you with comprehensive labs that combine the power of the CBL 2 and LabPro with the convenience of bench-tested procedures and pre-packaged materials:
Spend less time collecting data and more time analyzing data
Spend less time planning and ordering materials
Achieve consistent, successful results
Enhance student engagement and learning
Receive support from the best customer service team in the business
Each comprehensive module contains all of the materials and instructions needed to perform several separate activities using either a LabPro or CBL 2 interface. Perform some or all of the activities in any order that works best for you. The modules are based on the labs outlined in the Vernier lab manuals Biology with Computers and Biology with Calculators. Each lab module comes with enough materials for eight setups, a teacher's guide, and a student copymaster. Each setup will require the specified Vernier sensors and either one CBL 2 and TI-83 Plus graphing calculator or one LabPro and computer with Logger Pro software, all of which are available separately.

The included materials will allow you to perform the following experiments:• Acid Rain (requires pH probe)• Dissolved Oxygen in Water (requires DO probe)• Primary Productivity (requires DO probe)• Watershed Testing (requires both a DO and pH probe)• Physical Profile of a Lake (requires DO, pH, conductivity, and temperature probes)Note: Coupon included for perishable materials. Redeem by mail, fax, phone, or e-mail.