Magnetic Fingerprinting Supplies

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Magnetic Fingerprinting Supplies
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Apply powder and dust away excess to highlight fingerprints

  • Available in multiple colors
  • Available in two different sizes
Depress the plunger to pick up the magnetic fingerprint powder, dust the surface containing the prints, and then pull up on the plunger again to expel the excess powder into its container.

The larger base of the deluxe applicator allows you to pick up five times more powder than the standard applicator. Length of each: 5¹/₂".

Dual-Use Magnetic Fingerprint Powder: Highlights prints on both dark and light surfaces. Black Magnetic Fingerprint Powder: For highlighting prints on most standard surfaces. Red Magnetic Fingerprint Powder: Fluoresces under UV light. High lights prints on both dark and light surfaces. Deluxe applicator available to U.S. customers only; similar product will ship elsewhere.