Somso® Heart on Diaphragm Model

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HS 22
470029-652EA 3393 CAD
Somso® Heart on Diaphragm Model
Models Human Biology Models Human Circulatory System Models
Illustrates Heart's Relationship To Other Thoracic Structures

  • Shows Hearts Location Relative To Other Organs
  • Heart Is Removable For Easy Study
  • 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty
Life size and rendered in incredible detail, this heart model can be dissected into eight separate parts for up-close study of the organ’s anatomy, including the thymus, major vessels, and the apex of the heart in its normal position. Remove the walls of both ventricles to view the inner structure, including both cuspid valves and the aortic semi lunar valves. The auricles are also removable to show the interior details, and four valves open to show the right and left atria and ventricles. The eight-piece model rests on a base representing a human diaphragm and section of the pericardium.