Ward's® Coliscan Kit: How Clean Is Your Water?

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Ward's® Coliscan Kit: How Clean Is Your Water?
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Quickly and Accurately Identify, Differentiate, and Quantify Coliform Contamination in Water Samples

  • Bacteria can be differentiated by color
  • Culture media requires no mixing or autoclaving
  • Includes interpretation guides
With this quick, convenient kit, students collect and test water samples for the presence of general coliform and fecal coliform bacteria, and quantify contamination levels. The lab uses Easygel, a pre-measured, sterilized culture media that requires no mixing, autoclaving, or hot waterbaths as with traditional media. Students simply pour the media into the included pre-treated Petri dishes. The unique Coliscan medium allows differentiation of bacteria based on color. It comes with enough materials to perform 20 tests and interpretation guides.

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