Optical Bench, 1.8 m

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470039-934EA 359 CAD
Optical Bench, 1.8 m
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This is a complete optical bench system at an affordable price.

  • Bright Light Source
  • Lenses and Color Filters Provided
  • Steel Construction
This bench, made from a bent steel U section, is built for years of classroom use.

The set includes everything you need for advanced optical experimentation.

Ordering information: This kit includes a 1.8 m optical bench track with feet supports; 5 pieces of riders; cylindrical lens on holder mounted with slit holder; 5 pieces of lens holder; a 10, 20, and 50 cm convex lenses; a 10, 20, and 50 cm concave lens; set of four color filters with slits; a 100 x 100 mm mirror; a 100 x 100 mm screen; translucent screen; slight holder; light source; and set of diaphragms. A 12V power supply is required but not included.