Essential Physics Demo: Rotating Speaker Bar

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Essential Physics Demo: Rotating Speaker Bar
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Experiment With Sound Wave Interference

  • Includes a detailed demonstration guide.
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Present these demonstrations in front of your class to excite your students about learning core physics concepts. Set up and execution are simple, so you can spend more time engaging your students. Ideal for introducing a unit or using as reinforcement after a lesson, these demos are available for all fundamental physical science topics.

Demonstrate the Doppler effect and the concept of sound interference with this oscillating speaker bar. Create active participation among the entire class as students mobilize around the classroom and listen as changes in movable objects affect sound quality. When the speaker bar and students are stationary, the sound will be constant. When the bar rotates and students remain put or choose to roam the room, varying interference patterns will be heard. As interference patterns change from constructive to destructive, overall sound quality will change. Requires a connecting cord and function generator, not included.