Fundamantals of Physics: Wedge, Incline Plane and Screw

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Fundamantals of Physics: Wedge, Incline Plane and Screw
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Physics Fundamentals Learning Activities
Three Classic Simple Machines in One Kit.

  • Introduce students to the “helper” tools of physics with this all–in–one kit of simple machines
  • Using a wedge, inclined plane, and screw, students will discover the mechanical advantages of each to increase work efficiency
  • Requires a FUN Stand, and force probe or spring scale, available separately
A unique hinged board allows students to pull the wedge with a spring scale or force probe, to calculate its mechanical ability to lift, separate, or hold fast. Weight can be removed or added onto a removable bolt on top of the wedge, to vary the conditions of the experiment. Then transform the wedge into an inclined plane, measuring the mechanical advantages at various angles to reduce the amount force needed to move an object while increasing distance traveled. Finally, attach the screw to the FUN Stand to determine the amount of force needed to lift a weight with the screw. Includes a hinged board, three wedges, two screws with mounting base, slide cart, and instructions.