Visual Scientifics Loop Track

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470135-568EA 35.6 CAD
Visual Scientifics Loop Track
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Mechanics Learning Activities
Students apply concepts of conservation of energy to a loop setup, then consider the forces involved in roller coasters.

  • 30-page lab manual included, with activities and extensions
  • Covers 15 NGSS and 17 common core standards
  • Platform neutral - works with your preferred probeware/video analysis tools
Students investigate the conversion between kinetic and potential energy and explore energy conservation. Using video analysis, students can investigate normal force on a roller coaster rider. The included lab manual provides approximately 3 hours of laboratory activities. Instructions are written to explicitly cover Next Generation Science Standards and common core concepts.

Ordering information: Visual Scientifics Base (470148-822) required, but sold separately. This kit includes a metal ramp with loop, and two metal balls. Recommended accessories: video camera and graphical analysis software, scale, and ruler or measuring tape.