Saf-T-Trainer Cartridges

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ST-22LR ST-380 ST-40S&W ST-20 ST-9MM ST-12 ST-45ACP
470147-138EA 13.05 CAD
470147-138 470147-140 470147-142 470147-132 470147-144 470147-134 470147-136
Saf-T-Trainer Cartridges
Educational Materials Forensics Educational Materials Forensics Supplies
Bring Cartridges into the classroom safely.

  • Safety orange color easily identifies as inert
  • Available in multiple calibers
  • Use for basic comparison, or crime scene staging
Inert training cartridges are developed for military and law enforcement use, when training or instructional activities require use of a dummy cartridge. Manufactured from a durable synthetic material and colored 'safety orange' for instant identification. An affordable replacement for traditional metallic dummy cartridges that are drilled.