Introduction to Reaction Rates

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Introduction to Reaction Rates
Educational Materials Chemistry Educational Materials Mixtures and Solutions Learning Activities
How fast do chemical reactions happen?

  • Introduction to Concepts of Reaction Rates
  • Students Learn the Ways Different Factors Affect Speeds of Chemical Reactions
  • Activities Demonstrate How Scientists Adjust Reaction Rates by Understanding Factors that Influence Them
  • Experiments Explore Impacts of Concentration, Heat, Surface Area & Catalysts
  • Some Materials Included
Chemical reactions vary greatly. For example, some chemicals react extremely fast, like explosions, but others, like rusting metal, can react over a long period of time. Understanding the factors that influence the rate of a reaction allows scientists to speed up or slow down reactions as desired.

This kit is designed to introduce students to the concepts of reaction rates through a series of experiments demonstrating the impact of concentration, heat, surface area, and catalysts.

Ordering information: This kit includes an iodine clock reagent A, iodine clock reagent B, sodium thiosulfate, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, a phenolphthalein indicator, copper metal powder, effervescent tablets, aspirin tablets, sugar-testing solution, wooden dowels, and reaction vessels.