Ward's® Plasmid DNA for Transformations

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470177-184 470184-902 470179-248 470177-182 470176-798
Ward's® Plasmid DNA for Transformations
These plasmids allow you to perform bacterial transformations, conferring new antibiotic resistance, as a visual way of demonstrating gene transfer.

  • Purchase only the amount of plasmid you need
  • Many plasmids already contain loading dye for added convenience
Plasmid pUC19: 2655 base pairs. Confers antibiotic resistance to ampicillin and complements defects in b-galactosidase in appropriate bacterial strains. Isolated from E. coli JM101.

pBR322: 4361 base pairs. Commonly used plasmid cloning vector for E. coli, and confers resistance to Ampicillin and Tetracycline.

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