APES Lab #3: What's Up With The Ozone?

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APES Lab #3: What's Up With The Ozone?
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This lab explores the source and function of atmospheric layers and the impacts on health and the environment.

  • Students Research Relationship between Ozone Depletion and UV Levels
  • Activities Can Be Done in Groups or Independently
  • Activities Include Creating and Designing Ozone-Monitoring Gardens
  • Lab Aligns with AP® Environmental Science Topics II.B, VI.A, VI.B, VII.A, and VII.B
  • Resource CD Included
What is ozone and why is it so important? In this compelling series of activities, students examine both the source and function of stratospheric and ground-level (tropospheric) ozone and how it impacts our health and the environment. They create simple Schoenbein test strips to test various local areas for ground-level ozone pollution and discuss possible health implications.

Students also participate as South Pole researchers and collect and analyze actual ozone data and temperatures at various altitudes to examine the relationship between ozone depletion and UV levels. In a guided-inquiry activity, they design and create their own ozone-monitoring garden to detect ground-level ozone pollution. These activities can be performed collectively or independently. This lab aligns with AP® Environmental Science Topics II.B, VI.A, VI.B, VII.A, and VII.B.

Ordering information: This lab includes a teacher's manual, student copymasters, sampling and testing materials, and a resource CD.