Ward's® Investigating Antibiotic Resistance Through Conjugation Lab Activity

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Ward's® Investigating Antibiotic Resistance Through Conjugation Lab Activity
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Identify Host and Donor Bacteria in Gene Transfer Activity

  • Make concrete, the abstract concept of conjugation for your students.
  • Introducte the concept of antibiotic resistance with this hands-on activity
  • Easygel media saves you time, no need to melt your media
Conjugation, one method of transferring antibiotic-resistance, or R- factors, to bacteria is explored in this lab.

Students transfer the genes for antibiotic resistance between different strains of bacteria, then determine which bacteria are the hosts and which are the donors, and whether chromosomal or plasmid DNA was transferred.

For even greater convenience, the lab activity features Easygel, a premeasured, sterilized media that requires no autoclave or hot waterbath. The activity contains enough materials for six setups, a teacher’s guide, and student copymaster.

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