Ohaus® Triple Beam Balances

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Ohaus® Triple Beam Balances
Balances and Scales
These triple beam balances set the standard by which other mechanical balances are measured.

  • Superior Magnetic Damping Provides Stable Results Three Times Faster
  • Counterbalancing Knob Provides Quick Zeroing of Balance
  • Self-Aligning Beam for Accurate Results
  • Five-Year Warranty
Designed and tooled to withstand years of use, the Ohaus Triple Beams feature outstanding engineering, precision design, and solid construction. Spring-loading zero adjusts, and magnetic damping ensures accuracy and stability. Notched scales have center-reading sliding pieces and are offset vertically for reading ease. These balances feature specific gravity weighing capabilities with an optional rod and clamp accessory (sold separately). A built-in security feature is also available separately. Calibrations for front, center, and back beams are as follows–10 x 0.1 g; 500 x 100 g; and 100 x 10 g. The balances include a five-year warranty.

Ohaus model 710-00 features a removable pan to accommodate materials with various sizes and designs. Model 750-S0 has a fixed stainless steel plate and is designed for optimal attachment weights (sold separately). Model 760-00 is equipped with a stainless steel plate and tare.

Ordering information: Five-year manufacturer's warranty included with purchase.