Blue Phantom® Gen II Regional Anesthesia and Central Line Ultrasound Trainer

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Blue Phantom®
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Blue Phantom® Gen II Regional Anesthesia and Central Line Ultrasound Trainer
Models Human Biology Models
Cast from a live patient.

  • Matches the acoustic properties of real tissue
  • Pulse using automatic pump of hand bulb options
  • Self-healing tissue
  • Use with any ultrasound system
Blue Phantom®'s new ultrasound central line and regional anesthesia training model is the most realistic central line and nerve block simulator available anywhere. Cast from a live human, innovative Life Cast™ modeling approach provides the most realistic external landmarks while the internal anatomy is based on digital human files. This ultra-durable mannequin incorporates all of the anatomy required to gain proficiency in using ultrasound for central line placement and peripheral nerve blocks.

This model is excellent for both ultrasound guided and blind insertion central line procedural training. The ultra-durable self-healing tissue withstands tremendous use, minimizing the need for replacement parts. Blue Phantom® allows clinicians to teach, practice, and learn central line and regional anesthesia procedures repeatedly without the need to worry about cost per use. Perform complete central line placements of the internal jugular and subclavian vein - including needles, guidewires, dilation, and threading of catheters.

Ordering information: These items cannot be returned if used. Please consult with your sales representitive before purchasing.