Lumé Series LED Magnifiers

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AS-95 AS-90
470330-754BX 98.95 CAD
470330-754 470330-752
Lumé Series LED Magnifiers
Ideal for reading fine print or in low light environments, hobbies and crafts, or everyday needs.

  • Provides clear and crisp images
  • Limited distortion
  • Superior LED illumination
The new AS-90 and AS-95 are a part of the Lumé series Aspheric COB LED magnifiers with 7× spot lens. Aspheric lens magnifiers allow for increased magnification and image clarity while greatly reducing edge to edge distortion. They have acrylic lenses and boast 3 ultra bright COB LEDs with diffusive cover lenses.

Light diffusers work to eliminate LED hot spots, blending and evenly distributing the light. COB LEDs are brighter than traditional LEDs, provide a greater uniformity of lights, and consume less power. They also feature multi-position switches with 2 brightness settings, and use 2 AAA batteries (batteries not included).