Squibb Separating Funnel

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Squibb Separating Funnel
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Graduated Squibb separating funnel made of borosilicate glass with a 500 ml capacity, equipped with a 24/29 plastic stopper and glass key stopcock, enabling precise separation and extraction techniques in laboratory experiments.

  • Squibb-style graduated dropping/separatory funnel with 500 ml capacity
  • Made of high quality Borosilicate 3.3 glass - Transparency allows for high visibility
  • Used to transfer liquids - Using the stopcock allows fluids, including reagents, to dispense slowly (drop-wise)
  • Fitted with an interchangeable 24/29 plastic stopper and glass key stopcock
  • Superior chemical durability and heat tolerance. Designed for use in professional laboratories, but is an ideal choice for science classrooms
500 ml capacity separating funnel, made of high quality borosilicate glass. Funnel has a 24/29 size socket and includes an interchangeable plastic stopper. Glass key stopcock. White graduations, every 50 ml, and marked every 100 ml. This funnel (including stem) measures 14" tall, and has a diameter of 4". The stem measures 2.25" tall and has an inner diameter of 6 mm and outer diameter of 9 mm. Autoclavable, with superior chemical durability. Low temperature gradient- can withstand high temperatures and thermal shocks.

Eisco Borosilicate glass has the following heat tolerances: Strain point 515 °C, annealing point 565 °C, softening point 820 °C.