Powder Funnel

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Powder Funnel
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Borosilicate glass powder funnel with an 85 mm diameter and a 60° angle, featuring a plain stem of 24 mm, facilitating smooth and accurate powder transfer in laboratory settings.

  • Powder funnel (60°) with 85 mm diameter and plain stem
  • Features thick, uniform walls that allow for increased durability, ease of use and continual flow of liquid
  • Made of high quality Borosilicate 3.3 glass that is built to last and withstand multiple uses - glass is the material of choice for laboratory applications due to its inertness
In addition to funnel, filter paper is required to correctly separate solids and liquids - can be used with various sizes of paper
Funnel measures 85 mm in diameter - stem has inner diameter measuring 20 mm and outer diameter measuring 24 mm.