Vee Gee Volumetric Flasks with Glass Stoppers, Amber

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Vee Gee
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Vee Gee Volumetric Flasks with Glass Stoppers, Amber
Flasks Volumetric Flasks
These volumetric flasks are constructed from low-actinic amber glass, providing protection for materials that are sensitive to light. 

  • Low-actinic amber glass for light sensitive materials
  • Made of premium borosilicate glass with a low coefficient of expansion
  • Designed 'to contain' with a temperature of calibration at 20 °C (68 °F)
  • The graduation line is sharply defined and of uniform width
  • Each flask has a large marking square and includes a glass stopper
  • Wide range of sizes available (10 to 1000 ml)
These flask feature machine-blown bodies and heavy-beaded, heavy-tubing necks that are tooled for standard taper glass stoppers. Each volumetric flask is supplied with a standard taper glass stopper which provides a leakproof seal. This airtight seal not only preserves the integrity of your samples but also enhances the reliability of your volumetric measurements.

Certifications: Meets ASTM E-288 Class A specifications and USP standards for glassware.