Amino Labs Smell-It Kit™

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Amino Labs Smell-It Kit™
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials AP Biology Learning Activities
Genetically engineer organisms to make overripe banana smell through enzyme reactions.

  • Safety First! The kit uses a non-pathogenic strain of E. coli (K-12)
  • Recommended for use with Amino Labs DNA Playground™ (available separately)
The Smell-It Kit™ lets you practice how to grow and engineering bacteria with a DNA program to express an enzyme derived from yeast that will catalyze a chemical reaction resulting in the smell of over-ripe bananas.

In this kit students will: Make selective and non-selective agar, pour petri dishes, streak bacteria, make bacteria chemically competent, engineer bacteria using DNA plasmid (bacterial transformation), incubate, culture bacteria, create positive and negative controls, add substrate, incubate, smell/analyze results.

Additional equipment required but not included: Microwave or hot-plate, and Amino Labs DNA Playground™ (In the absence of a DNA Playground™, you will also need an ice bath, water bath, thermometer, timer, and incubator).

Ordering information: Due to popular demand, we recommend you place your order at least a week in advance.

Delivery information: Though kits will ship at ambient temperature, some components will require refrigeration upon arrival. Refer to instructions.

Caution: Those that are odor/perfume sensitive should be aware that this experiment includes odors.