Ward's® ABO And Rh Blood Typing Kit

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Worked well and great tech support - The blood typing worked great. We had some intitial difficulties but the Ward's tech support (Liam) helped out a great deal. One tip when using this kit is to make sure the reagents are at room temperature when conducting the lab.
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Ward's® ABO And Rh Blood Typing Kit
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
In this lab activity, students explore the core life science concepts of Structures and Properties (LS1) and Heredity (LS3) while they determine their own blood type.

  • Students Learn to Recognize Blood Types and Antigen/Antibody Relationships
  • Assessments and Vocabulary Words Target Common Core Standards
  • Estimated Lab Time: 30 Minutes
  • Kit Aligned with National Standards
  • Material for 50 Students
Instructors use standard blood-typing procedures to teach students about different blood types as well as antigen and antibody relationships. At the end of the activity, students pool their data to determine the overall population averages.

This kit is aligned with all published National Standards. Pre- and post-laboratory assessments and vocabulary words target specific Science and Engineering Practices and Common Core standards. The teacher's guide also contains specific "Did You Know" concepts that link the real world with the scientific standards explored. The kit comes with a teacher’s guide, a student copymaster, and material for 50 students.

Ordering information: This kit includes disposable blood lancets, sterile alcohol pads, anti-A typing serum, anti-B typing serum, anti-RH typing serum, disposable blood-typing trays, toothpicks, a biohazard bag, a teacher's guide, and a student copymaster.