Ward's® Analyzing Samples Of Artificial Urine Kit

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Great for processing positive test results. Useful for A & P labs and Medical Assistant Student Labs and Medical Lab Students.
BOREAL.com associate Published 11/14/2017
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Ward's® Analyzing Samples Of Artificial Urine Kit
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
What can urine tell us?

  • Students Examine Artificial Urine Samples
  • Material for Five Groups of Tests
  • Estimated Lab Time: 40 to 60 Minutes
  • Kit Aligned with National Standards
  • Pre- and Post-Laboratory Assessments Included
In this lab activity, students employ the Life Science Standard (LS1) to explore the various substances that may be present in a sample of urine. Students study artificial urine samples for Vitamin C, phosphates, glucose, and albumin. Their understanding of these activities helps them recognize how examining urine is one way to gauge a person's health and detect disease.

This kit aligns with published National Standards and has material for five groups of tests. Pre- and post-laboratory assessments are included.

Ordering information: This kit includes artificial urine, artificial urine with vitamin C, artificial urine with phosphates, artificial urine with glucose, artificial urine with albumin, instructions with an answer key, student worksheets, and a student copymaster. Acetic acid, Benedict's solution, bromothymol blue indicator dye, clinitest tablets, glucose test strips, test tubes, a test tube rack, eye droppers, a Bunsen burner, a striker, a graduated cylinder or graduated pipets, hot plates, beakers, water, and a thermometer are needed but not included.