Atomic Structure DVD

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Atomic Structure DVD
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Atomic structure lies at the crossroads of both chemistry and physics, and this program examines a field of study crucial to both — the scientific shell game known as quantum mechanics.

Combine serious academic content with a humorous presentation. Adapted from the popular series developed for students to enhance their test-taking skills, this video is guaranteed to generate a reaction. The program skillfully employs elements such as clever mnemonics, high-tech computer graphics, and entertaining stories to help make chemistry more accessible.

Your students will learn core concepts and build their confidence as they are guided through concise explanations and challenging problems.

Schrödinger's mathematical distribution and the Pauli Exclusion Principle; electron orbitals and the three types of quantum numbers; and shell, subshells, and nodes are all discussed. A thorough demonstration of writing electron configurations is included as well. Duration: 26 minutes.