Yenka Modeling Software, Electricity, Site License

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Yenka Modeling Software, Electricity, Site License
Yenka Modeling Software
The lastest generation of educational modelling software, Yenka provides realistic simulations to illustrate concepts and allows students to easily create content. Equally at home on whiteboards or when used by individual students, this software enables experimentation with the topics you’re teaching in a safe, accurate virtual world. The individual Yenka programs and bundles are delivered to you electronically. Simply download a free plug-in, which includes non-time-limited demo, then register your purchased serial number to gain access to the new areas of the software. This is designed as a site license for 1–599 students. Packages correspond to different site usage levels.

System Requirements
Windows: XP/Vista (32-bit or later), Pentium III, 1 GHz or higher, 256MB RAM, graphics card with OpenGL support and up-to-date drivers, 32MB of graphics card memory.

From the basic batteries, bulbs, and switches to more advanced logic gates, integrated circuits and semiconductors, the software provides an understanding of all electricity concepts. Build AC and DC circuits using a wide range of electrical components, and investigate how they behave with mathematically accurate simulations. Creating circuits is simple — just use the mouse to drag components from the vast library onto the screen, and then link them by drawing wires between their terminals. As you draw, the animation shows the design springing to life