Are We Changing Planet Earth? DVD

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Are We Changing Planet Earth? DVD
Uses Climate Modeling to Show Human Effects on Planet

Travel from the collapsing ecosystem of the Arctic to the low-lying islands of the South Pacific where flooding is now chronic and see alarming environmental issues in action. From Katrina-ravaged Louisiana and the failing Amazon rainforests to the bleaching Great Barrier Reef, the program offers definitive evidence of global warming, including retreating glaciers, rising seas, stronger hurricanes, severe droughts, encroaching deserts, and more. The thickening of Earth’s carbon dioxide envelope is discussed in relation to our declining biosphere. The use of climate modeling confirms that fossil fuels are primarily responsible for a global rise in temperatures going far beyond any normal allowance for cyclical fluctuation. Produced by the Open University, the program is presented by Sir David Attenborough. Duration: 60 minutes. Note: Available to U.S. and Canada customers only.