Disposable Polyethylene Dropper Pipettes

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Education / Lab Tech / Vancouver Island
I agree with the other reviewer, but need more than a label on the photo: Please, in the description, indicate if the pipet is graduated, what the graduations are, and the capacity of the stem. I also, have a collection of transfer pipets that aren't what I need, because it's so difficult to decipher the descriptions!
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Education / Teacher / Mississauga, ON
Yes, I recommend
It's nice that you have the picture of the different kinds of pipet droppers but it would be much more helpful if you could match a product number to each one. I'm ordering blindly here. Twice now I thought I was ordering one kind and got something I didn't want. Can you please do something about that?
P200-14 251 232 WARD470190-802 WARD470190-800 WARD470105-218 P200-60 234
470190-800PK 13.3 CAD
470190-800 470175-292 470105-218 470175-296 470144-238 470016-028 470144-498 470190-802
Disposable Polyethylene Dropper Pipettes
Pipettes Pasteur/Transfer Pipettes
These polyethylene pipettes are chemically inert.

  • For consistent bulb pressure and top circumference
  • Disposable
Ensure precisely measured drop reproducibility.