Visual Scientifics Diffraction

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Visual Scientifics Diffraction
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Optics Learning Activities
Use this apparatus to make your own spectroscope! A simple, yet effective device to explore the wave/particle duality of light.

  • Versatile, precise, and easy to assemble
  • Covers NGSS and common core standards
  • Platform neutral - works with your preferred probeware/video analysis tools
  • 10+ page instruction book included
The concept of wave and particle duality is typically difficult to understand and construct without and expensive optical bench, but using the Visual Scientifics system, it is fast and easy to set up and explore. Students will derive and experimentally prove the relationship y=(mL)/d. The included instruction booklet provides approximately 3 hours of laboratory activities. Instructions are written to explicitly cover Next Generation Science Standards and common core concepts. Every module includes comprehensive instructions to assist with lesson planning, student activities, and experimental procedures.

Ordering information: Visual Scientifics Base (470148-822) and Backboard (470135-558) required, but sold separately.

Delivery information: Included in this kit are a mounted laser, support posts, 3 different diffraction gratings, and slide holder. Recommended accessories: video camera, graphical analysis software, and a ruler.