Simple Machines, Pulley Model

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Clearwater FL
Yes, I recommend
Class Hit during Simple Machines Unit - I have the complete set of Simple Machines. The student always enjoy seeing the simple machines when I bring them out. I have students create a pamphlet of the simple machines with one machine on each page. Then the students use the wooden machines to demonstrate how each one is used before building their own complex machines. They always enjoy using these gigantic examples.Beware that these
470210-810EA 68.65 CAD
Simple Machines, Pulley Model
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Physics Fundamentals Learning Activities
This wooden machine has a sturdy wooden construction ideal for classroom use.

  • Demonstrate the use of pulleys
  • Includes manual
This apparatus can model how the use of several pulleys increases one's mechanical advantage. Students can use this both qualitatively and quantitatively and its design lends itself easily to inquiry based activities. Includes an instruction manual to facilitate student and teacher use of the apparatus.