FM Receiver and Transmitter Board

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470210-788EA 787.79 CAD
FM Receiver and Transmitter Board
The FM receiver and transmitter board is a comprehensive instructional module designed to introduce the student to the basic concepts of frequency modulation (FM) and the corresponding transmitter and receiver as well as their related circuits to students in high, schools, technical schools and colleges. The module contains various practical circuits with which the student can perform a number of meaningful experiments, which help reinforce the student’s comprehension of the related concepts. The individual circuits and the required test equipment can be quickly wired by using the provided patch cords to connect the relevant 2-mm jacks. Students perform a minimal amount of wiring, thereby reducing the setup time and the possibility of a wiring error while increasing the time available for training. Manually inserted faults modify the circuits under test to provide valuable true-to-life troubleshooting exercises, which develop diagnostic skills. A comprehensive student experiment manual provides essential theory and clearly details the experiment procedure. Optional courseware enhances the learning procedure testing the student’s level of competence after reviewing the theory and then evaluates all answers to questions to test the student’s level of achievement at the end of each experiment. The student may learn in the standalone mode or under CML (Computer Managed Laboratory), which allows the instructor to monitor student and class progress and records pertinent records in a database for future retrieval.
Requires the Electronics Universal Training System, not included.