Digital Communication Signal Conversion Board

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Digital Communication Signal Conversion Board
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The Digital Communication Signal and Conversion Board is a comprehensive instructional module that plugs directly into the Electronics Universal Training System base unit designed to teach the fundamental concepts of converting analog and digital signals, as well as some commonly used digital encoding techniques employed in digital communication systems to students who are both beginners and experts alike.

The topics covered on this board include: audio amplifiers and preamplifiers, analog to digital conversion, digital to analog conversion, signal sampling and reconstruction, pulse amplitude modulation (PAM), pulse code modulation (PCM), delta modulation (DM), effect of sampling frequency on reconstruction quality, digital voice recording, and troubleshooting exercises. A minimal amount of wiring is required to setup the board, increasing the amount of time students have for hands on learning. The fault insertion system allows you to create an error on the board for students to troubleshoot, further developing their diagnostic skills. By creating, testing, and performing experiments from the included manual, students will learn the theory, practical applications, and gain a working knowledge of the fundamental concepts of digital communication, signals, and conversions.