Fischertechnik Education Robotic Competition Set

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470210-844EA 1014.99 CAD
Fischertechnik Education Robotic Competition Set
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Applied Physics Learning Activities
All-in-one option for anyone interested in the area of mobile robotics and robotic competitions.

  • Includes instruction manual
  • Includes a storage bin
  • ROBO TXT controller
Among the 670 components included is the all new fischeretchnik TXT Controller. The TXT boasts many improvements over previous versions of the fischertechnik controllers, including a full color touch screen, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability, a 500mHz dual processor, an integrated loudspeaker, USB host interface, a Micro SD card slot, and much more. A license of ROBO Pro, the easy-to-use graphic programming software especially created for fischertechnik’s robotic models, is also included.

In addition, this set also includes hours of standards focused curriculum material, especially created for fischertechnik by noted educator and STEM expert, Tom White. Standards addressed by this curriculum include College and Career Readiness standards for Math, Science, Reading and Writing, as well as NSES Content Standards, Standards for Technological Literacy, ISTE standards, and the Next Generation Science standards.

The curriculum for the fischertechnik Education Robotics Competition Set comes in a convenient PDF format, with a separate version for the teacher that include all the necessary standards and instructional materials, as well as a version for dissemination to the students. The curriculum includes useful information on getting started with robotic competitions, along with activities addressing the following areas:

Introduction to Programming
Introduction to RoboPro Software
Introduction to the TXT Controller Flow Charts
Open Loop Programming
Closed Loop Programming
Digital Branching
Edge Triggered vs. Level Triggered
Combinational Logic
Analog Branching
Sensors: Digital Switch Sensors: Digital Phototransistor
Analog Sensors: NTC Resistor
Analog Sensors: Color Sensor Encoder Motors
Building the Control Panel and much more