Tell Me Why: Ecosystems And The Environment Video

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Tell Me Why: Ecosystems And The Environment Video
  • Introduces younger students to science
  • Simplified explanations serve as a basis for inquiry
This program answers questions children ask about Ecosystems such as: What is an Ecosystem? How does an Ecosystem Work? Are Ecosystems threatened? How do we benefit from Ecosystems? What can man do to repair a damaged Ecosystem? What is the biosphere? What is the rainforest? Why is the rainforest important? Where does it rain the most? What is a wetland? Why are wetlands important? What is biodiversity? What is the biodiversity crisis? What is the environment? What is alternative energy? What is renewable energy? What is conservation? What is Global Warming? What causes Global Warming? What are greenhouse gases? What is acid rain? What is bioenergy? What is a biomass? What is solar energy? Why should we be energy efficient? Each program comes complete with its own study guide containing a glossary, additional questions and suggested learning strategies.