Bio-Rad® Fish DNA Barcoding Kit

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Bio-Rad® Fish DNA Barcoding Kit
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Explore a New Level of Identification.

  • Extraction, amplify, and analyse DNA
  • Use sequencing and bioinformatics to identify species
  • Option to contribute to the global effort to barcode life
  • Optional sequencing module available (sold separately)
Species are traditionally identified by taxonomists who need to have in-depth knowledge of certain species characteristics and environments in order to categorize them. The power of DNA research now allows us to add a level of identification based on the sequencing of a conserved gene. The subtle changes in sequences result in species-specific identification or genetic barcodes. This information is critical in helping to assess biodiversity and conservation efforts, as well as commercially, where food marketplaces can be regulated.

The DNA Barcoding Sequencing Module (available separately) includes prepaid sequencing service for up to 9 samples. Includes shipping of samples within the U.S. only.