Senn Retractor, OR Grade, Sklar®

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Senn Retractor, OR Grade, Sklar®
Sklar Retractors are stainless steel, industry standard.

The Senn Retractor is a handheld, double-ended retractor used to retract primarily surface tissue. It is often used in plastic surgery, small bone and joint procedures, or thyroidectomy and dissection of neck tissue. This instrument has one angled, blunt end and, at the opposite end, facing the opposite direction has a three prong, rake tip. The prongs may be sharp or blunt. They have a straight, flat handle with one squared off blunt end and a second rake end with blunt tips.

Ordering information: Censitrac instruments are custom barcoded to reflect the facility. This is unique customization. The initial order for the facility can take 14 to 30 days, subsequent orders can take less time.

Caution: Customers must have a Censitrac Site ID to purchase Censitrac instruments.