Puritan® Dry Transport Systems, Puritan Medical Products

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Puritan® Dry Transport Systems, Puritan Medical Products
Swabs Transport Swabs
Get all your specimen collection devices in one place

Safe, sterile specimen transport. No matter which swab(s) are chosen, all of the transport systems include a round-bottom tube made from virgin polypropylene resin, which will securely hold the swab. The system maintains a safe and sterile environment.

Tubes include a distinctive label detailing product identity, expiry date, patient identification, and collection information.

Dry Transport Systems are ideal for the collection and transport of specimen when no medium is required. Choose from a range of swab types with rayon, polyester, foam, HydraFlock®, or PurFlock Ultra® tips. Single or double options available.

Certifications: Made in the USA. CE marked.

Ordering information: Double configurations are individually wrapped.