CaptairFlow Clean Air Enclosures, Erlab

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10812-246EA 83.9 CAD
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CaptairFlow Clean Air Enclosures, Erlab
Fume Hoods and Enclosures Laminar Flow Cabinets
Erlab’s CaptairFlow Clean Air Enclosures are designed to prevent cross-contamination for applications such as non-pathogenic cell cultures, in-vitro cultures, microbiology, homeopathic preparations, electronics, and optics where product protection is required. They feature a high efficiency filtration system that provides a particle-free workstation around the manipulation, bringing HEPA filtered clean air down to the work surface.

  • High efficiency UV lights are used to decontaminate the worktop from biological cross-contamination between operations
  • Each unit has Smart Technology™ - an exclusive set of tools that consists of Smart-Light Communication™, chemical sensors (*optional if adding carbon filters), real-time status, and the eGuard app
  • Smart Technology gives an easily identifiable method of communication regarding the sash being opened while the UV light is on, air face velocity is compromised: check sash, pre-filter, or HEPA/ULPA, and fan status via a soft, LED band of light called Smart-Light
  • Smart-Light is a light signature across the front panel which casts a stable LED glow ensuring proper operation
If normal operation is disrupted, the reassuring LED light pulses and sounds, drawing the attention of the operator only when necessary for the following:
2 beeps- Sash open with UV light on
3 beeps- Air Face Velocity is compromised; check sash, pre-filter, or HEPA/ULPA filter
4 beeps- Fan Failure

Structure: Anti-Corrosion Steel with 100% Polyester; Acrylic Door; Injected Polypropylene Filtration

Ordering information: All Models require HEPA filters in order to operate with the ability to add carbon filters if necessary. Filters and accessories are sold separately. Units are supplied with a manufacturer's lifetime warranty (subject to compliance with operating conditions). Please contact your Avantor representative for more information.





Item # Description Unit Availability Price Quantity
10170-024 321 Stainless steel work surface
Each Retrieving
10170-028 391 Stainless steel work surface
Each Retrieving
10170-032 483 Stainless steel work surface
Each Retrieving
10170-036 714 Stainless steel work surface
Each Retrieving
10170-042 Flow 321 Clear Back Panel
Each Retrieving
10170-044 Flow 391 Clear Back Panel
Each Retrieving
10170-052 Flow 483 Clear Back Panel
Each Retrieving
10170-056 Flow 714 Clear Back Panel
Each Retrieving
10170-058 Mobile Cart for Flow321/Bio321
Each Retrieving
10170-060 Mobile Cart for Flow391/Bio391
Each Retrieving
10170-062 Fixed Metal Bench for Flow 483
Each Retrieving
10170-066 Fixed Metal Bench for Flow 714
Each Retrieving
10170-072 Solvent Saturation Alarm for Captair Flex/Flow/Store 834 and 1634
Each Retrieving