Science Take-Out® Brain Reward Pathway And Addiction

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Science Take-Out® Brain Reward Pathway And Addiction
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Is “Floratryp” addictive?

  • Available as a Single Kit with Material for One Student or Group
  • Unassembled 10 Pack for Additional Savings
  • No Additional Equipment Needed
  • Students Compare Effects of Sugar, Cocaine, and Floratryp on Dopamine Levels
  • Purpose: to Understand the Role of the Brain Reward Pathway and Dopamine in Addiction
Is Floratryp, a fictitious drug, addictive? Students explore the case of a young man who may be addicted to Floratryp and learn about the role of the brain reward pathway and dopamine in addiction.

They then compare the effects of sugar, cocaine, and Floratryp on brain dopamine levels and rat lever-pressing behavior.

Ordering information: This complete experiment setup contains all materials and does not require lab equipment.