Hoffman Electrolysis Apparatus

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Hoffman Electrolysis Apparatus
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The Hoffman Electrolysis Apparatus is designed for the electrolysis of water.

  • Apparatus Comes Equipped with All Necessary Materials
  • Designed for the Electrolysis Of Water
  • Glass Electrolysis Unit Features Two 50 mL Burets
It's also used for the qualitative and quantitative study of the electrolytic decomposition of electrolytes such as water and hydrochloric acid.

The apparatus includes all necessary materials including two 50 mL burets

Ordering information: This kit includes 1 glass electrolysis unit, 1 support stand, 1 burette clamp, 1 extension clamp, 1 bosshead clamp, 1 pair of platinum electrodes, 1 pair of carbon electrodes, and 1 activity guide.




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470345-638 12 V power supply for Hoffman voltmeter, heavy duty gray case, includes 120 V power cord, CE certified (12 V DC 2 amp., Main input 120 V, Output wattage 24 W max, Input wattage 28 W max., Fuse /250 V)
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