LT Beginner Set

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470117-544EA 323.25 CAD
LT Beginner Set
The complete beginner‘s package for students age 8 and older. With over 200 components and the aid of sensors (phototransistor, mini-switches) and actuators (XS motor, indicator lights), students can construct 12 easy-to-understand models such as a hand dryer, stamping machine, lighthouse with blinking light, merry-go-round or automatic sliding door. The ROBO LT Controller, with 3 inputs for sensors and 2 outputs for motors or indicator lights has a USB interface for simultaneous power supply. The ROBO Pro Light software makes quick programming easy as pie. The detailed multi-language teaching and activity booklet supports the learning process for students, making programming easy to understand.

For tomorrow‘s engineers. Set includes one ROBO LT Controller (USB interface/USB power supply), Software ROBO PRO Light, XS motor, 2 lights, lens tip lamp, phototransistor, 2 switches, and a multi-language teaching and activity booklet.