VWR® Unisex Technology Lab Coat, Reusable

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Education / Teacher / Alberta
Yes, I recommend
If you are looking for a basic lab coat for students to use in junior high or high school settings, this is a great one to buy. Relatively cheap and well made. It ships from the supplier though, and they tried to deliver around 7pm to a school- meaning if the janitors hadn't seen them, they would have left it outside a school on a long weekend. I would recommend they talk with delivery people and try to have school deliveries during school hours.
BOREAL.com associate Published 02/20/2018
Thank you!
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VWR® Unisex Technology Lab Coat, Reusable
Unisex Technology lab coats are designed for use in research environments, quality-control laboratories, and industrial areas.

  • Plain front with no embroidery
  • Industrial and washable
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Poly/Cotton fabric (80/20 blend)
  • Available in white and navy blue
The coats feature knit cuffs and a headphone port in the pocket.

Additionally, the coats have side vents for easy access to pant pockets. The overall length is 99 cm (39").

Lab coats are manufactured from durable and comfortable poly/cotton fabric (80/20 blend) for long-term wear. These industrial, washable garments feature a quick-release five-snap front, one breast pocket with a pencil slot, and two oversized hip pockets large enough for a mini-tablet.

The navy blue coats feature a lapel collar with an additional snap on the collar.

Ordering information: Sizes 4X Large and 5X Large are also available for special order. Contact your Avantor sales representative for more information.

Delivery information: Please allow up to four weeks for delivery.