VWR® 3500 Incubating Orbital Shakers, 230 V (Export Only)

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VWR® 3500 Incubating Orbital Shakers, 230 V (Export Only)
Shakers Shaking Incubators
Orbital shakers are designed for a variety of shaking applications such as cell cultures, solubility studies, bacterial suspensions, and general mixing.

  • 230 V model
  • Microprocessor control with LED display for speed, temperature and time
  • Exclusive Opti-Flow Forced Ventilation System
  • Exclusive Accu-Drive™ shaking system
  • Best-in-Class, 5-year warranty
  • Available with a NIST Traceable, ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Calibration Certificate from Troemner
The large capacity platform and tray hold up to 15.9 kg (35 lbs.)

The patented Opti-Flow forced ventilation system uses twin induction fans and air deflectors to deliver exceptional temperature uniformity and stability. Microprocessor, PID temperature controller maintains precise temperature uniformity and stability and meets ASTM E1292 specifications for temperature uniformity. The Accu-Drive™ Shaking System ensures exceptional speed control, accuracy, safety, and durability. This system continuously monitors shaking speed and will maintain setpoint even under changing loads. For added safety, a ramping feature slowly increases speed to setpoint and a built-in load sensor will automatically reduce rpm during unbalanced conditions to further prevent spills and protect samples. The powerful triple eccentric drive and brushless motor is designed for continuous duty and able to handle heavy loads. Spill-resistant design protects internal components from accidental spills and leaks. Removable tray design allows for easy cleaning of chamber. Aluminum tray.

Microprocessor will recall last setpoints, even when unit has been shut off. RS-232 serial port provides two-way communication for data logging and unit control. Tray features a nonskid rubber mat appropriate for holding Petri dishes and cell culture flasks. The polycarbonate lid allows users to view samples without disturbing internal temperature. When lid is opened, automatic shut-off circuit will stop shaker platform to protect operator.

The optional, stainless steel shaker platform slides over the included tray and rubber mat, and can be tightened with adjustment screws. The platform can be used to mount Erlenmeyer flask clamps and test tube racks.

Certifications: RoHS certified. CE Marked, TUV Listed. Calibrated Shakers include a Troemner ISO/IEC Accredited Calibration Certificate traceable to NIST. The ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Calibration Certificate includes multiple data points within the temperature and speed range and time function with the associated uncertainties. Troemner is accredited by NVLAP under Laboratory Code 105013-0 to perform ISO/IEC 17025 calibrations.

Ordering information: Unit includes a nonskid mat for tray. Unit is also supplied with a 92" (234 cm) Euro type plug.

Caution: 230 V model.