CENCO® Mechanics System Kits, 1 and 3

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CENCO® Mechanics System Kits, 1 and 3
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Mechanics Learning Activities
The CENCO® Mechanics System Kits include materials for activities in mechanics or fluid mechanics-based topics.

  • The kit comes in a heavy duty carry-case for ease of storage
  • Simple to set-up with all components easily accessible
  • A full manual with detailed activities for both the teacher and the student is included along with scientific background on each topic
  • Activities are designed to guide students to discover concepts but are styled so the instructor knows what equipment is needed for each activity
The CENCO® Mechanics System 1 Kit includes materials for over 15 activities on mechanics based topics.

Experiments for the Mechanics System 1 Kit include: Pendulum- simple harmonic motion, Graphing constant motion of a cart, graphing constant acceleration, free fall, inertia, Newton's second law, Newton's third law, relationship between weight and mass, pulleys with a spring, vertical force table and vector addition, pulley mechanical advantage, lever, Atwood machine, mechanical advantage of multiple pulley system, inclined plane, friction, Hooke's law with springs, harmonic motion of a spring.

Included in the Mechanics System 1 Kit:
60cm cart ramp
Plastic boss head clamps (90 degree)
clamps with two knobs
35 cm steel rod with three holes
35 cm steel rods plain
25 cm steel rods that screw together
Sectional universal base with 3 knobs
30 cm vertical ruler with angle measure
Lever, 15 holes
Small trolley with hook
Support post for trolley with thumb screw
Balance pan
Support arms for balance pan
27 cm thin flat leaf spring with S hook attached
Aluminum boss head clamps with two thumb screws
Single pulleys with hooks on both ends
55mm post attached to small circular clamp
4 cm long rubber bands
4 cm pulley attached to 6 cm post
10 gram mass hook
10 gram brass masses
130mm x 4 mm post
S-hooks with small plastic clips
Metal calipers
Spool of nylon cord – 10 meters
2 m tape measure
Triple wheel and pulley on 60mm post
Goniometric Circle
Spring balances (Spring scales) (2.5N, 5.0N, and 10N)
Springs with long pointing wire
Slotted mass set 50g -2, 20g-2, 10g-2, 5g-1,2g-2, 1g-1
11 cm long pointer that screws into 15 hole lever
Double ended hooked mass sets 50g-5, 25g-8, 10g-5

Required but not included in the Mechanics System 1 Kit:
Motion Sensor

The CENCO® Mechanics System 3 Kit include materials for over 13 activities on fluid mechanics based topics.

Experiment topics for CENCO® Mechanics System 3 Kit includes: water velocity from a spout, Mariotte's bottle, force pump, Boyle's law with a syringe, Pascal's ball, communicating vessels, density of an unknown liquid (U tube), open tube manometer, Hare's apparatus, Cartesian diver, Bernoulli's principle, viscosity (Ostwald viscometer), capillary tubes.

Included in the Mechanics System 3 Kit:
Universal Base with knobs
Expansion clamp with rod (4 prong)
Support rod, rounded ends, length 350mm
Mariotte's bottle
Tube for Mariotte's bottle, glass
Hare's apparatus
Silicone tubing, 2 meters
Plastic boss head clamps with knobs
Centrifuge tub, for Cartesian diver
Rubber stopper, 1 hole for Mariotte's bottle
Ping-pong ball
Base for capillary tube and communicating vessels
Beaker 250 mL, plastic
Styrofoam ball
Pascal apparatus ball
Food color
Drying tube, U shaped
Venturi's tube
Syringe 5mL
Syringe 20mL
U-tube manometer with stand
U-tube manometer base
Communicating vessels
Capillary tubes
Funnel, 10cm, plastic
Silicone grease
Culture tube 13 x 100, glass with screw cap
Small stopper that fits in Mariotte's bottle spout

Required but not included in the CENCO® Mechanics System 3 Kit:
Small shallow bucket to collect water
Pitcher of water 1
Calipers (In CENCO Mechanics System 1)
25 cm steel rods that screw together (In CENCO Mechanics System 1)
Piece of thread about 5cm in length
Corn Oil, Olive Oil, etc. (Something that will not dissolve in water and has a known density.) 20 mL
Clip or very tight clothes pin for sealing the end of a rubber tube
Air blower/hair dryer 1
Clay or stopper for spout on Mariotte's bottle
Bromic Acid Enough to wash the viscometer
Distilled water Enough for rinsing and experimentation
Acetone or Alcohol Enough to rinse the viscometer
Pipet pump
Graduated cylinder
Pressure sensor
Temperature sensor
Data analysis software