CENCO® Electrostatic System

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CENCO® Electrostatic System
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
The CENCO Electrostatic System includes materials for over 10 activities on electrostatic based topics. 

  • Included storage case makes lab set up and take down easy
  • Simple to set-up with all components easily accessible.
  • A full manual with detailed activities for both the teacher and the student is included along with scientific background on each topic.
Activities are designed to guide students to discover concepts but are styled so the instructor knows what equipment is needed for each activity.

Experiment topics include: electrostatics with rods and cloth, charge distribution on an object, types of charges, comparing magnetic and electrostatic forces, electroscope, insulator versus conductor, charging by induction and conduction, electrophorus, Coulomb's law, charge inside a conductor, Faraday's ice pail.

Included in the Kit:
Wool cloth 26 x 26 cm
Silk cloth
Glass rod
Ebonite rod
Perspex rod
Wire stirrup
Polyethylene strip
Gold leaf electroscope
Gold leaf
Glass panes that go on either side of the electroscope
Metal conducting knob to collect charge on top of the electroscope
Metal conducting plate to collect charge on top of the electroscope
Metal conducting bucket (Faraday Pail) to collect charge of top of the electroscope
Pith balls connected by string
Pith ball electroscope stand
Base for electroscope or metal conductive spheres
Metal conducting spheres with insulating post (one with hole in the top)
Electrophorus disk with handle
Square polyethylene tile
Neon tube
Reel of nylon filament Diameter 0.20mm, spool of 25 m
Small electrophorus disk with handle

Required but not included:

Small bits of paper several
Aluminum foil 10cm x 2cm strip
Scotch “magic” tape 1 roll
Paper clips
Water Enough to fill the small metal vials
Bar magnets
Assorted conductors and insulators
about 2cm thick and no more than 3cm in diameter (density cubes work well) 8
Analytical balance 1
Static charge sensor