CENCO® Magnetics Systems 1 and 2

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CENCO® Magnetics Systems 1 and 2
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
Activities are designed to guide students to discover concepts but are styled so the instructor knows what equipment is needed for each activity.

  • The kit comes in a heavy duty carry-case for ease of storage
  • Simple to set-up with all components easily accessible
  • A full manual with detailed activities for both the teacher and the student is included along with scientific background on each topic
Experiment topics for CENCO® Magnetics System 1 Kit include: magnetic and non-magnetic objects, north and south poles, Earth's magnetic field, observing magnetic field lines, interacting forces, strength of magnets using ferromagnetic chains, eddy currents.

Included in the CENCO® Magnetics System 1 Kit:

Floating magnets with base support (ferrite); Neodymium magnet (diameter 20mm x 6mm); Aluminum foil for Eddy current; Magnetic field chamber 2D; Magnetic field chamber 3D; Pocket compass (45mm diameter); Plotting compass; U shaped magnet with keeper (chrome steel); Horseshoe magnet with keeper 75mm (chrome steel); Horseshoe magnet with keeper 30mm (Alnico); Earth's magnetic model (wooden ball, 55mm diameter); Plastic cased bar magnets 80mm; Chrome steel bar magnets with keepers 100mm; Ferrite bar magnets (dull gray) 55mm diameter; Alnico bar magnets (red) 40 mm; Ring magnets 18mm diameter (Ferrite); Cylindrical steel bar (small groove at the top); Cylindrical stainless steel bar (no groove); Steel hook; Ferromagnetic chain (2.0 meters long); Iron filings (300 grams); Iron sphere 19mm; Plastic caliper; and Cylindrical magnets 6mm x 25mm.

Required from other CENCO® Kits:

Small funnel (CENCO® Magnetism System 2)

The CENCO® Magnetics System 2 kit features the study of diamagnetic, paramagnetic and ferromagnetic substances, magnetic field lines, current induced magnetic fields.

The CENCO® Magnetics System 2 kit includes: Bar magnets; Iron filings (300g); Support for acrylic plate; Clear acrylic plate to hold permanent magnets; Magnetic needle probe;Plastic funnel; Straight wire conductor in acrylic plate; Long solenoid conductor in clear acrylic plate; Single coil and five coil conductors in clear acrylic plate; Ferromagnetic bars; Paramagnetic aluminum ring (25mm diameter); Push switch; D cell battery holders.

Required but included in other CENCO® kits are: Banana plug wires 5 (CENCO® Electronics System 2), Plotting compasses 10 (CENCO® Magnetics System 1), Ammeters that measures in mA 1 (CENCO® Electronics System 1).

Required but not included are: D cells (1.5 volts), White sheets of paper (several), Voltage sensor, Current sensor, Graphing software to use with sensors.